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OUT NOW!!!!!.

Album Review


Speaking to Trevor Elliot aka The Musical Ambassador about the album



Stingray Showcase Vol.12

Release date: 1st Dec 2017

Various Artists

Features tracks from Bunny Lye Lye, Jah Wiz, Freddie Mcgregor, Tenna Star, Luciano, Sandra Cross, Daddy West, Jah Device, Emeterians, Leroy Mafia, Chardel Rhoden, LA Gray, Leanna, Sarjant D, Yashema Mcleod, Patrick Tenyue



Stingray Records drops 123 Riddim!

Featuring songs from Abelwell Foundation,Askala Selassie,Daddy West, Delly Ranks,Jah Wiz, Jah Device,King Mas & Nikesha Lindo,Rafeelya, Richie Davis,Tashala Opal,Tasonia,Tenna Star,Yashema Mcleod,Brian Edwards.

01. King Max - Come Again
02. Delly Ranks - Reggaelution
03. Tenna Star - When We Were Young
04. Jah Device - One Finger In The Air
05. Jah Wiz - Remember Your Roots
06. Abelwel Foundation - Come Over
07. Brian Edwards - Good Numbers
08. Tashala Opal - When Your Wrong
09. Daddy West - My World
10. Rafeelya - Always Be My Baby
11. Richie Davis - Addicted To Your Love
12. Tasonia - Real Love
13. Askala Selassie - One Love
14. Yashema Mcleod - I Do Love You



EP Review; Device The EP

By: ZigeDub


Device the EP is a soulful reggae album that epitomises how real authentic reggae music should sound. With a variety of unique styles and abundance of excellent production and musical talent.

Jah Device has a powerful voice which overflows with emotion and truth. Rebirth starts the EP with a bang, with rifts reminiscent of Majek Fashek back in the early 90s.

Next up is Black People (why) which gives that rootsy vibe, showcasing Jah Device’s vocal abilities with a rhythm track that compliments his laid back style.

The third track of the EP Give Praises makes good use of the “Blind To You” Rhythm made popular by Collie Buddz in 2007. Arguably a contender for the best track on the EP.

Enough Is Enough is a solid inclusion with a rhythm track which is subtle but effective laced with a groove that can get you bopping your head and tapping your feet.

I love the message on the next track Never Let You Down showing Jah Device’s faith in the most high. Overflowing with kindness and good energy, the kind of song you start the day with.

Then comes in Wok Nimoshis Mot (Have Mercy)with a powerful rhythm track, sung in his native tongue (Berom from Jos, Plateau State in Nigeria).

The song captures the real essence of Africa and gives you a real insight to what Jah Device is all about.

A personal favourite comes up next Smile For Me which makes good use of Jetstar’s version of the Columbus Rhythm originally made popular by Burning Spear back in the day.

Exquisite tunes on this EP, each possessing its own unique expression of talent which I truly endorse.

Go get your copy now! 


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